Ostéopath in athletes 

Sportif et muscu

To stay healthy, nothing is better than regular physical activity.

However, among athletes, the slightest loss of joint, muscular, ligamentous, tendon or even visceral mobility can lead to an imbalance favored by physical activity. This therefore applies to all practitioners, regardless of their levels and disciplines.

For athletes, treatment will then be curative in the event of pain or preventive in order to prevent this loss of mobility.


Preventive action

Athletes are advised to consult an osteopath regardless of any pain.

Indeed, a regular visit (once or twice a year) helps prevent pain and rebalance the different structures which, if not treated, will lead to the appearance of pain.


A curative action

During physical activity, whatever the level, the body is subjected to significant constraints which will have repercussions on the musculoskeletal system (joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles).

The goal of the osteopath will be to remove these constraints imposed by physical activity in order to rebalance the entire body and reduce the pain that appears.

In the context of an injury, osteopathy improves recovery by reducing the duration of immobilization and possible after-effects.

When to consult ?

Sportif et ballon Muscular pain

Ligament pain

Joint pain

Preparation for a competition, a match

During a rehabilitation phase after an injury

Before starting a new sport



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