Birth: a big upheaval for babies

Childbirth can be the first trauma in babies, the labor could be long, too short, with forceps, suction cups… During childbirth, your baby makes its way into the pelvis and passes several obstacles, constraints and pressures were then exerted on his skull (very malleable) and on his entire body. These can be the cause of muscle and tissue tension that can disrupt the body’s good balance. 

These muscular and tissue tensions can be corrected by the osteopath from the first days of the newborn’s life. Even if your baby does not have any functional problems, it is sometimes possible that these will appear later as he grows up. Therefore, the earlier an osteopathic treatment is carried out, the better the results will be for your baby.




Some recommendations


Osteopathy is a complementary approach to that of the pediatrician and/or doctor. Only consultation with the pediatrician and/or doctor is obligatory.

It is important to bring the health record to each consultation with your osteopath.

The osteopath can give you advice in order to prolong the benefits of the session.



Quelques motifs de consultation


Recurrent ear infections


Birth with forceps and/or suction cup

Sucking disorder


Frequent and intense crying


Your osteopath Capucine Kerloch is certified “Osteopathy approach to plagiocephaly”.

But what does this mean?

Plagiocephaly, also known as “flat head syndrome”, is a deformation of the skull in infants. This Plagiocephaly can be accompanied by congenital torticollis.

To avoid any factor favoring this Plagiocephaly, it is recommended to consult an osteopath after the birth of the baby.

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