Prégnance, the change of a life and body

Pregnancy is a time of great upheaval for the pregnant woman. Indeed, she must face many rapid changes, whether hormonal, mechanical or emotional.

Osteopathy helps the woman’s body adapt to changes and allows the pregnant woman to experience pregnancy with comfort and well-being.


First trimester

Osteopathic treatment makes it possible to optimize the regulations of the neurovegetative system and thus act on nausea, vomiting and transit disorders.


Second trimester

The expansion of the uterus pushes back the viscera of the abdomen, leading to a limitation of the diaphragm muscle (muscle of breathing). During this trimester, osteopathy helps restore tissue mobility in the pelvis and abdomen.


Third trimester

In this last trimester of pregnancy, the osteopath will have an action on the general balance of the body, on areas of joint blockage (vertebrae, pelvis) and on preparation for childbirth.



In the weeks following childbirth, an osteopathic consultation is strongly recommended. The osteopath then prevents all persistent pain, specific pain linked to childbirth (due to position, expulsion effort, cesarean section) and restores a comfortable posture.





Some recommendations


Osteopathy in no way exempts from conventional obstetric follow-up.

Pregnant women should limit medication use and seek non-allopathic medicine to relieve pain.



Some reasons for consultations


Sciatica/ Low back pain

Pubic pain

Preparation for childbirth


Postpartum, after childbirth to restore good mobility of the pelvis.


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