Preventing plagiocephaly

Some tips to prevent plagiocephaly or “flat head”, however your healthcare professional is responsible for adapting these tips to your child’s unique condition.

Assessment of asymmetry

Observe your child’s head from above (this is the most effective point of view for detecting asymmetry). If necessary, consult as soon as possible (the chances of correction decrease with age).



In your arms, add a soft surface (blanket) between the infant’s head and your arm. When using the bottle, remember to alternate positions.


Transport in the arms

Vary your child’s positions (back against him, stomach bag, tilted to the side, etc.), favor positions that go against his preferences.



Limit the use of the car seat (for the car only). Align head-trunk-pelvis by stabilizing the child with rolls of towels on each side without interfering with the seat attachments.


Head rotation

Stimulate your child to encourage him to increase neck rotation on the side where movement is most limited (3 times 10 seconds at each diaper change). It is ABNORMAL for him to have mobility restrictions or discomfort when moving his neck.



Stimulate the use of your arms and legs symmetrically. If he prefers to turn his head to one side, he will see and use this half-body more.



Vary the play positions: flat on your stomach, sitting in the corner of the playpen in a nursing pillow, lying on your side. This reduces the amount of time spent on their back when awake and under supervision.



In general, avoid accessories (walkers).




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