Living with diabetes

Le diabète – les 4 piliers de l’équilibre Living with diabetes means developing a lifestyle that is essential for controlling the disease.   Pillar 1 : diabetes and sports activity. Cardiovascular exercises: Dancing, walking, swimming, cycling, etc. The benefits are: Increase in energy expenditure and therefore the quantity of glucose used by the muscles; Reduced […]

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Diabetes corresponds to an abnormal rise in blood sugar, defined by the blood sugar level: this is called hyperglycemia.   The origin of this hyperglycemia results from an imbalance in the regulation of hormones (insulin and glucagon) making it possible to maintain a stable blood sugar level during the day. There are actually two forms

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Do you notice that your baby has a flat back of his head? This is probably plagiocephaly or brachycephaly (scientific term for “flat head”). But what does this mean ? This corresponds to cranial deformations which can appear during pregnancy or during the first weeks of your baby’s life. Plagiocephaly means oblique head. It is

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Conduct of an osteopathy session & fees

Each osteopathy session takes place in 4 stages, which are the interview focused on the reason for the consultation and medical history, palpations and tests establishing a diagnosis, osteopathic treatment and finally, advice and/or exercises adapted to your health. An osteopathy session lasts 45 minutes on average.   History During each consultation, the osteopath begins

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