Conduct of an osteopathy session & fees

Each osteopathy session takes place in 4 stages, which are the interview focused on the reason for the consultation and medical history, palpations and tests establishing a diagnosis, osteopathic treatment and finally, advice and/or exercises adapted to your health.

An osteopathy session lasts 45 minutes on average.



During each consultation, the osteopath begins with an interview. This concerns the reason for consultation, your symptoms and/or pain, your medical history as well as your lifestyle (leisure, profession, etc.).

If you have medical examinations (radiography, blood tests, MRI, etc.) it will be important to report them so that the osteopath can best understand your ailments.

During this stage a pre-diagnosis is established, the osteopath then gets an increasingly precise idea of ​​the areas to be investigated subsequently. This stage can also allow you to be redirected to your doctor if this does not fall within the scope of the procedure. osteopathy in the first place.

Osteopathic tests

During this second stage and thanks to specific palpatory tests, the osteopath tests the areas which caught his attention during the observation and the history.

The osteopath also carries out exclusion tests, this makes it possible to rule out the possibility of underlying disorders not falling within the field of osteopathy.

If the diagnosis established falls within the osteopathic field, you will be offered a treatment plan adapted to your health.



Thanks to the information collected during the history and osteopathic tests, the practitioner can begin the osteopathic treatment best suited to your health.

Its main objective is to restore a correct range of movement to dysfunctional areas. To do this, the practitioner uses gentle and targeted, structural, cranial, visceral or fascial techniques.

Osteopathy being a manual medicine which considers Man as a whole, the osteopath may be required to work on parts of the body which do not, in your eyes, have a direct link with your reason for consultation.


During this last stage the osteopath will give you advice and/or exercises adapted according to your posture, your lifestyle, your reason for consultation in order to enhance the osteopathic treatment.

At the end of the treatment and during the three days following the consultation, the body will integrate the different operations carried out: it seeks its new state of balance. This can result in severe fatigue, aches, increased pain intensity, the appearance of symptoms, etc.

These physiological reactions are normal and specific to each person, they are temporary and last less than three days after osteopathic treatment.




The fee for a consultation is 60€
Osteopathy can be covered entirely or in part by your complementary health insurance. Do not hesitate to contact your mutual to find out your reimbursement rate.


Before 12 years old the fees are 50€


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