Conduct of an osteopathy session & fees

Each osteopathy session takes place in 4 stages, which are the interview focused on the reason for the consultation and medical history, palpations and tests establishing a diagnosis, osteopathic treatment and finally, advice and/or exercises adapted to your health. An osteopathy session lasts 45 minutes on average.   History During each consultation, the osteopath begins […]

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When to consult ?

Humans are constantly confronted with hazards (stress, trauma, etc.) which will have repercussions on the body and thus create dysfunctions, accompanied by mobility restrictions. In response to these dysfunctions, the human body has the capacity for self-healing; it will compensate by modifying muscle tension or joint mobility, for example. When the body is subjected to

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Prégnance, the change of a life and body Pregnancy is a time of great upheaval for the pregnant woman. Indeed, she must face many rapid changes, whether hormonal, mechanical or emotional. Osteopathy helps the woman’s body adapt to changes and allows the pregnant woman to experience pregnancy with comfort and well-being.   First trimester Osteopathic

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Birth: a big upheaval for babies Childbirth can be the first trauma in babies, the labor could be long, too short, with forceps, suction cups… During childbirth, your baby makes its way into the pelvis and passes several obstacles, constraints and pressures were then exerted on his skull (very malleable) and on his entire body. These

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Why consult an osteopath as an adult ? As we age, the body undergoes numerous changes which will lead to a reduction in mobility and which will have an impact on the various functions of the human body. As adults, we are faced with postural tensions linked to our lifestyle such as posture at work

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Ostéopath in athletes  To stay healthy, nothing is better than regular physical activity. However, among athletes, the slightest loss of joint, muscular, ligamentous, tendon or even visceral mobility can lead to an imbalance favored by physical activity. This therefore applies to all practitioners, regardless of their levels and disciplines. For athletes, treatment will then be

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Main seniors


Seniors: aging well with osteopathy Over the years, the body is subject to transformations: ligaments become distended, muscles lose elasticity and joints become stiff. We can also observe an alteration in visual acuity, balance disorders, etc. These natural phenomena can be the cause of chronic pain. Osteopathy, through gentle and comprehensive techniques on the different

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